Let’s hear it for Warfield! Village council just voted to adopt your 100% Renewable Energy Plan! Warfield is the second local government to adopt the 100% renewable energy plan that they have been collaborating on with eight other West Kootenay local governments and West Kootenay EcoSociety. It’s time to celebrate! For me, that means it is time to put on my favourite Christmas album, make a hot chocolate, and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this! 

“I feel very happy and encouraged to live in a community that has so many people who are forward-thinking and care about each other!” Andrew O’Kane, Warfield Team

Warfield is so proud to adopt the 100% Renewable Plan today. Good governance requires a good plan, and now we have one. Every decision we make has the opportunity to move forward to a healthier, more just future or to continue with the status quo and today we chose this plan to help us make better choices every time.” Cyra Yunkws, Warfield Village Councillor

The plan has regional strategies as well as local actions that each community has prioritized as the most relevant to their community. Actions in the plan that Warfield has identified as priorities include:

  • Developing an electric vehicle charging strategy
  • Increasing efficiency requirements for new buildings through the Step Code
  • Identifying and removing barriers to installing heat pumps
  • participating in regional organics composting

Warfield joins the Village of Kaslo in adopting the renewable energy transition plan. The next step is for the other seven local governments to bring the plan before their councils and boards for adoption and then to begin to implement the plan.

It has been a hard few weeks with lockdown restrictions extended into the new year. However, attending the council meeting yesterday, and seeing the support for a renewable energy future, there was a sense of optimism that is so important during this time. Thank you, Warfield and the Warfield volunteer team for making this happen, and for leading the way for other rural small town communities!