Let’s take this moment to celebrate, Rossland City Council just voted to pass your 100% renewable energy plan! They are the third local government to adopt the 100% renewable energy plan that they have been collaborating on with eight other West Kootenay local governments and West Kootenay EcoSociety. The renewable energy plan aims to save people money, make Rossland healthier and safer, support a stronger local economy, and lower carbon pollution.

You are leading the way to a 100% renewable energy future! How are you celebrating this huge moment?

“I volunteered with the EcoSociety this summer and helped with the Renewable Kootenays project, so it’s inspiring for me to see the 100% Renewable Energy Plan passed in Rossland! I’m excited for Rossland to take steps towards a healthier and more sustainable future!” says Payton, a Rossland volunteer team member.

Rossland Mayor Kathy Moore indicated at the Monday council meeting that she hopes to see these priorities integrated into the upcoming strategic planning for the City of Rossland.

“I am so pleased that the City of Rossland adopted the 100% Renewable Energy Plan. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with our other local Kootenay government partners and the WKES to bring the plan this far. I am confident that by working together our region can continue to lead the way towards a low carbon future by implementing the plan,” Mayor Kathy Moore 

The plan has regional strategies as well as local actions that each community has prioritized as the most relevant to their community.

Actions in the plan that Rossland has identified as priorities include:

  • Developing an electric vehicle charging strategy
  • Supporting residents and builders to increase efficiency in new and existing buildings
  • Establishing and improving the trail network within Rossland, and between Rossland, Warfield and Trail
  • Participating in regional organics composting

Rossland, Warfield and Kaslo have now adopted the renewable energy transition plan. The remaining local governments, Castlegar, New Denver, Silverton, Slocan, Nelson, and the RDCK will be bringing the plan before their councils and boards for adoption this year.

It has been a hard few weeks with lockdown restrictions making the holidays look a little different than we are used to. However, attending the council meeting last night, and seeing the support for a renewable energy future, there was a sense of optimism that is so important to me during this time. Thank you, Rossland and the Rossland councilors for making this happen, and for leading the way for other rural small town communities!