At the EcoSociety, we’re always so grateful to have dedicated individuals from all backgrounds walk through our door. Kevin is a great example of someone who walked in with an abundance of skills, and a passion to make a positive difference in our area! Here’s what Kevin had to say about his experience with the EcoSociety:
“I first used the Kootenay Rideshare site in 2005, soon after I moved to Nelson from Vancouver with my wife and 2 kids to get away from the city. I had lived on the west coast of Canada and the US my whole life and was struck by the spacious beauty of the Kootenays, small towns separated by vast spaces of awesome BC wilderness. An online system for arranging rides made good sense in this province, both from an environmental perspective and also as a way to find good company while travelling and help filling the tank. I had ideas on how to improve the Rideshare system, so when (after living here for 10 years) I got to know Tim James at the EcoSociety, we began collaborating on a plan for upgrading the site.
I’ve always had a passion for finding ways of using technology to improve the lives of ordinary people. I began my career as a web developer making tracking systems for a disabled care facility I worked at in California. I have been building online systems that take the pain out of organizing and educating people for the past 15 years, and I was glad to have the opportunity to focus on a site (and a cause) so near and dear. 
I see alternative transportation as a key issue in this decade, given that it makes up around a third of global warming emissions if you factor in energy extraction, production and delivery. Many of us are waking up to the fact that our transportation choices make a huge impact on our planet, so ride sharing and car sharing and are truly ideas whose time has come. Reducing our transportation footprint is an important part of the larger goal of making the Kootenays 100% renewable by 2050. 
I plan to keep on #codingforchange as we roar on into the 2020s. I hope you will join me in supporting the EcoSociety to continue its important work in our region.”
Thank you, Kevin, for bringing our Rideshare page into the 21st century!