Comments are due by Dec 5 on BC’s plan to allow killing of wolves from helicopters.

Dec 5 is the deadline for comments on the BC government’s wolf management plan, which calls for killing wolves.

The new government proposal allows for wolf population management through what one observer called “machine-gunning wolves from helicopters”. The proposal itself says “aerial shooting is the most effective and humane.”

Check out the provincial proposal and submit your comments on the government website:

On Kootenay Co-op Radio EcoCentric Host Christina Yahn discussed the B.C. government’s proposed Wolf “Management” program with Dr. Paul Paqueta, wolf biologist of 40 years, professor of Biology and associate Professor of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. Paqueta has worked with the US and Canadian wildlife services and published hundreds of peer reviewed studies. We also talk with Madrone Fenton, a rancher and livestock owner who runs White Crow Farm and lives with wolves. 

You can hear the podcast of the full radio show here.