On April 30th Premier Horgan and his government will have had their report outlining how to protect old growth forests in their hands for one year. It might feel like there is nothing to celebrate. While Premier Horgan promised protection for old growth forests, the last remaining ancient trees are still being cut down. 

As concerned citizens of BC, we can hold the BC Government accountable to their promise. 

On April 30th, let’s join forces in celebration to take action in making a difference!

If you think Premier Horgan has done nothing meaningful to keep the last remaining old growth forests standing, you’re right. Even the recently released provincial budget shows no support for old growth forest protection, even though they promised to make this a priority. 

But here’s something to celebrate: The pressure from people like you who are concerned about these special ancient forests is growing! This is HUGE!!! The government can’t ignore us if enough of us make our voices heard. And we are being heard, Minister Conroy’s office is overflowing with letters and requests to implement the recommendations and take meetings on old growth forest issues.  GREAT WORK! LET’S KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!  

We all know these forests are essential to the health of our communities and the nature they support. We need a forestry industry that can support the health and well-being of local communities well into the future. We can make a difference if enough of us take a stand and let the government know this is important to all British Columbians.  

Please share our letter writing tool with your friends and family so they can join in on the celebration to join forces and take action to defend old growth forests.

Will you write your letter right now, and ask others to do the same, to keep the pressure growing and save the last remaining big ancient trees? Click here.