The West Kootenay EcoSociety is a non-partisan organization. We are sharing information on issues related to the health, safety and well-being of our communities, climate, ecosystems, food systems & energy. Here’s what we could find in the 2020 election platforms for the BC Greens, BC NDP, and BC Liberals to try to understand what action they will take on stopping the logging of old-growth forests. Listed alphabetically below.

No matter what party’s platform speaks to you, please have your say and be a voter in the provincial election on Saturday, October 24, 2020

BC Green Party

In their 2020 election platform, the BC Greens say they will “Protect our remaining high valued old-growth forests forever. Immediately move to fully implement the recommendations of the old growth review panel in partnership with First Nations. This includes:

  • An immediate end to the logging of old-growth forests in high-risk ecosystems across the province.
  • Enacting legislation that establishes conservation of ecosystem health and biodiversity of BC’s forests as an overarching priority.
  • Establish funding mechanisms to support the preservation of our old growth forests.”

The Greens have been outspoken on old-growth forest management issues, including requesting a moratorium on logging old-growth forest areas on Vancouver Island. 

BC Liberal Party

A search of the BC Liberal’s 2020 election platform comes up with no results for “old-growth.”. They do mention introducing legislation to protect the “working forest to provide increased certainty on the land base while protecting and enhancing environmental values.” 

Organizing for Change posted this response letter from the BC Liberals regarding OFC’s questions on the environment which included questions on forestry and old-growth. There is no reference to forestry or old-growth forests in the letter. 


In their 2020 election platform, the BC NDP say they will protect more of BC’s old-growth forests: “In collaboration with Indigenous leaders, labour, industry, and environmental groups, we will implement recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review to protect further old-growth stands – in addition to the 353,000 hectares we protected in September.”

The NDP have not committed to implementing the recommendations within the recommended three-year timeline and they have not yet committed to protect the last remaining 3% of BC’s forests with huge, ancient trees.