People in British Columbia are coming together to submit their feedback on a draft framework that will set the stage for a new provincial law- the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law. They are speaking up to protect their jobs, their outdoor hobbies, and a safe environment for them and their families.

Today is the last day to make comments on the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework that was recently released by the provincial government. This Framework, if properly implemented, could transform the way we do forestry in the province. It is a big step in the right direction for the health of our ecosystems in B.C., and if we use our voices together as a community, we can hold our government accountable to a strong, just law that benefits everyone.

Will you speak up?

January 31st is the last day to comment on the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework

Make your voice heard!
Share your comments in an email to If you need help on what to write, access our template here.

We are building support for this law in two communities, Castlegar and Vernon, that have historically looked to the forestry industry for good jobs and a strong economy. We know that while people in these communities depend on logging for their jobs, they also depend on healthy forests for hiking, skiing, hunting and fishing. By talking with people who are unsure about what a new Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health law means for them, we can understand each other better and inspire our neighbours to support clean air, clean water, and healthy forests for all.

Join us in person on February 10th (in Vernon or Castlegar) from 10am-4pm or online from 3-6pm to learn how to deep canvass and give others the power to speak up too.