Earth Day 2022 was a few days ago, but we’re still celebrating. We are celebrating the beauty of wild spaces and the natural landscape that shapes this beautiful planet we call home. This year’s theme for Earth Day was “Invest in our Planet.” This means defending and preserving the Earth for generations to come. There are many things you may have done to mark this celebratory day including cracking open a cold beer. You read that right – a nice cold can of beer.

This year we partnered with the Nelson Brewing Company to create a limited-edition beer for Earth Day and the preservation of old-growth forests. Nurture Nature has been distributed to local bars and pubs including The Nelson Brewing Company’s Tasting Room, Mike’s Place Pub, Broken Hill, and The Royal. Nurture Nature is available for purchase today! Twenty-five percent of sales will be donated to the Earth Day 2022 Fund

Who knew beer could help with the preservation of the old-growth forests that we have come to know and love? Old-growth forests provide the community with a space to keep cool in the summer while enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, and catching a glimpse of the wildlife that call these magical forests home including the spotted owl, the Selkirk caribou, and Northern goshawk. 

Let’s work together to preserve wild spaces by making a donation to the Earth Day 2022 Fund.

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Here’s to investing in our planet!