Gaia Tree Whole Foods has joined over 30 businesses and organizations throughout the West Kootenays in signing on to support 100% renewable energy by 2050. Find out why Gaia Tree Whole Foods signed on:

Q. Why did you sign on to support 100% renewable energy? 
A. Because we believe in a renewable energy future!
Q. What are you already doing or planning on doing to make your business more energy efficient and/or transition to renewable energy? 
A. We have installed 60+ LED lightbulbs, and we only provide ‘used’ bags or boxes for groceries.
Q. What kind of personal legacy do you want to leave behind in your community? 
A. We were inspired to set up a local market to help reduce the fossil fuels being spent to travel greater distances to get groceries. We support organic and local foods as well, and have help set up a healthy, locally supported community. That’s our legacy.
You can show your support for 100% renewable energy by visiting Gaia Tree Whole Foods and support our work by donating to our campaign for 100% renewable energy or volunteer today!