Citizens concerned about privatization and destruction of BC’s Wild Rivers can breathe a little easier, and bull trout can swim a little safer.

BC’s Environmental Assessment Office terminated the Glacier Howser IPP project in a letter to proponent AXOR last week. The proposed independent power project would have put four creeks in the Purcell range into a 16-km underground pipe. West Kootenay EcoSociety has led the charge against the project, citing impacts to sensitive species including bull trout and caribou. FOr more details, visit the Wild Rivers page.

The environmental review was suspended in September of 2009 after a raucous meeting in Kaslo, attended by over 1100 citizens. The Environmental Assessment Office’ Working Group of scientists and First Nation representatives had asked the proponent, Montreal-based AXOR, for more data to support the claim that the drawdown of the creeks would not impact bull trout. 

In the Assessment Office’s letter to AXOR dated November 27, the Associate Deputy Minister noted that information requirements have not been met, public comments made in 2009 have not been responded to and environmental issues identified by the Working Group have not been addressed. 

Read the full letter from the Environmental Assessment Office here (pdf).

Glacier Creek photo by the Nelson Post.