Pandemic. Wildfires. Climate Change. Election. I hear you — there is a lot going on right now, and I’m feeling tired too. Yet, this week I’m feeling motivated and excited because I’ve signed-up to make non-partisan get out the vote (GOTV) calls to my neighbours to help more voters cast their ballots in Monday’s Federal Election.

Can you join me and sign-up for a GOTV phone bank now and help your neighbours vote?

There are big issues that we need our leaders to address, and we asked our local candidates what they will do about them. Right now we need them to show up and deliver bold climate solutions and support people suffering. And to do this we need to make sure local people like you and your friends are being voters on Monday.

GOTV calls ACTUALLY WORK in increasing voter turnout in elections. When a voter gets a call helping them make their voting plan they are 14% more likely to actually vote.

In this year’s past by-elections in Nelson and Castlegar, we helped over 300 people vote, and I believe that together we can do this again in an even bigger way this Federal Election.

This election, with your help, we can reach over 5000 people. Can you sign up for a phone bank now and help your neighbours get the information they need to get to the polls and be voters?

Since we can’t all gather together in the same room and make calls as we normally would, we are going to do it 2021 style, over Zoom. It will be almost as good, and just as easy.

In your phone bank you will:

  • Get 30min of training
  • Call your neighbours for 2hours and help them get what they need to vote
  • Have a 30min debrief with the phone bank team to celebrate democracy and each other’s hard and effective work

Can you join me and sign-up for a GOTV phone bank now and help your neighbours vote? Sign up today!


Natasha, on behalf of the EcoSociety volunteer team