MLA Norm MacDonald calls the Jumbo Resort a “give-away of public lands” in a recent letter in the East Kootenay News Online. Read the letter! The letter is in response to the UBCM’s resolution opposing the changes to the Local Government Act that would allow the provincial government to create a “Mountain Resort Municipality” with no residents. Bill Bennett was recently made Minister of Community Sport and Cultural Development, and he has the authority under the new law to declare the municipality and appoint a city council. 


 With no investors, significant opposition from First Nations and Opposition Leader Adrian Dix’s promise that the Jumbo resort will not go ahead should the NDP form government, contemplating the establishment of a municipality in this area is absurd.  And voters would have to ask themselves who would benefit from such a decision.

This designation can only be seen as a give-away of public lands.  And the only ones who will benefit are resort proponents.

There isn’t one argument that can be made that this is in the public interest.  And Minister Bennett knows it.

Click here for the full letter, and here for an article explaining the details of the “Mountain Resort Municipality”