On Thursday, June 16, Farms to Friends will be hosting the first of a series of workshops, Home Gardening with Hannah DeBoer.

Hannah has been gardening since she was a kid with her mom in their backyard garden but she comes from a lineage of farmers; her last name DeBoer literally translates to the farmer in Dutch. She has been farming the last 4 years concurrently all over BC (one season on the central coast, one season in Northern BC and two seasons in the Kootenays), and also maintains a veggie garden at home. Hannah’s philosophy about growing food at home is to find that sweet spot of not trying too hard but just hard enough.

Join Hannah as she discusses where you can garden, what you can garden, why garden in the first place, composting, and how to garden affordably.

The presentation will be followed by a 15min Q&A. We hope to see you there!

Click here to view the workshop recording