Hey friends, 

The other day scrolling through my social media I stumbled upon another friends’ post that started off like “I don’t know who needs to hear this right now… but I wish I heard this a few months ago.” The message:

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself in these turbulent times. It was exactly what I needed to hear the other day, and what I want you to hear and know as volunteers, too. 

Have you been wondering about volunteering in these times but not sure how, or not sure what your capacity is to do so right now? Well we’ve got your back! We are here to lift you up, listen and support you, and to provide you opportunities to connect digitally and meaningfully with your communities in this time. 

Since March we have been hosting bi-weekly volunteer meetings online with volunteers across the West Kootenays to make new connections and to share ideas. Volunteers in the Lower Columbia are meeting bi-weekly in a socially distant manner (see our COVID protocols), this month we hosted an organizing and a letter writing training, this summer we are delivering good food to our neighbours, and since March we’ve been having hundreds of conversations over the phone with folks in Trail about the transition to 100% renewable energy. These have been some of the most meaningful conversations of my life. 

And all of this can happen from the comfort of your own couch or backyard with a computer or smartphone! 

This summer and fall do you want to be a: 

A Deep Canvasser

Deep canvassing is one of the only tactics proven to change people’s minds for the long term. We are having meaningful conversations over the phone with folks in Trail, BC, about the transition to 100% renewable energy, learning their hopes and fears, and connecting on our shared Kootenay values. Join our team and break down environmental polarization in your backyard. 

A Friend for Farms to Friends 

We are delivering fresh, local, organic produce to families in need this summer, and we need your help delivering them across the West Kootenays. Can you be a friend and deliver to your neighbours this summer?

A Fundraiser 

As a non-profit, donations and fundraising is an essential part of continuing to do the good work. Right now you can help us with tickets for our electric bike raffle!

An Eco Correspondent 

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our blog to connect with our communities. Send us a draft if you have the creative flow and ideas for content! 

A Data Monkey

Let’s be real, we all need a little help with technology sometimes. Help us build community support by entering petition signatures and helping with our database. No experience needed! 

A Knowledge Philanthropist

Do you have a skill, experience or knowledge you’d like to share? Some people volunteer in specific roles related to their skill base. For example, a graphic designer helps us to create promotional material, and a handyman helps us fix things around the office. Let us know what your skills are and how you would like to contribute. Maybe you have experience organizing, writing, managing social media, the possibilities are endless! If you have a specific idea for a project, we want to help you make change happen. 

Sign up to volunteer or send me a message: natasha@ecosociety.ca

Looking forward to supporting each other, our communities, and doing the good work with you in digital spaces,