The Incomappleux Valley is home to some of our region’s most pristine old-growth forest and borders protected habitat for endangered mountain caribou. If a Calgary based ski-tour company gets its way, it could also be home to a new heli-ski operation and lodge. Wolverines, mountain goats, caribou, and grizzlies use the Incomappleaux wilderness area, due to its proximity to Goat Range Provincial Park and Glacier National Park. These species are sensitive to human disturbance, especially the noise of helicopters bringing customers in and out. With five existing heli-ski operations in the area, the combined impact is potentially significant. 

Comments are due on Jan 3 for the proposal. The map and the proposed management plan are available from the BC Integrated Land Management Bureau.

The Valhalla Wilderness Society’s submission is below (PDF).

EcoSociety’s Conservation Committee will be finalizing a submission at its next meeting.