Thanks to the many people who have submitted comments on the unthinkable IPP on the Incomappleux River, the deadline has been extended to Oct 15. Click the link above for the background on the proposal.

In talking to a reporter for the Invermere newspaper, they have been flooded with public notices on the many proposed IPPs in that area. Further investigation reveals that many of the approvals sought by the power companies are for “Feasibility studies,” which have relatively little direct impact. Two sources have indicated that the companies holding unexercised claims to various rivers were told that if they didn’t take some steps toward building their dams that they would lose their claims. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that the burst of “studies” demonstrate that these companies want to keep their feet in the door at the Ministry of Rubber Stamps for some time down the road when it may be more profitable and politically feasible to buy and sell our wild rivers for profit. 

We need to keep the pressure on and make sure the developers and the bureaucrats know that our communities’ will fight to keep Incomappleux intact every step of the way.