Isn’t it amazing when things fall perfectly into place? This is Jocelyn’s story about how she got engaged in the EcoSociety:
“When planning to live in Nelson I had some locals fill me in on the organizations worth getting involved in. I started my volunteer efforts at the Women’s Centre where I met two lovely EcoSociety volunteers (also volunteering at the Women’s Center) inviting me to attend EcoSociety’s meeting that evening for the 100% Renewable Energy Campaign.  
Destiny is brilliant!  During the meeting, being welcomed and supported by everyone while being brought up to speed with their undertakings instantaneously made me feel a part of their dynamic force.  The organizing EcoSociety does is so inspiring and their efforts demonstrate ways necessary change can be pursued and reached.  I’m continually amazed how awesomely involved the EcoSociety is with community and earthly matters. 
Volunteering with the EcoSociety is superb because the common values of unity, balance and action flow fluently through everything we do.  This diverse organization has facilitated me playing an active role for environmental justice in our community.  
Thanks to the EcoSociety for providing a prosperous means to generate noticeable and meaningful change for the world and beings amidst.  It feels great!”
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