It’s EcoSociety’s 25th year, and we’re on a mission: to build stronger and healthier communities and protect the wild places of the West Kootenays. We’re halfway through our month-long membership drive, and we’re getting so much positive support from people like you. Donations, membership renewals and new members–it’s fantastic! You’re important to making sure we have a safer future, and we appreciate all your support to do this together. Will you become a member today?

Our membership drive is also a great time for us to hear what’s important to you. At our membership drive tables, we’ve heard gratitude for the work we do together, and we’ve heard your stories about what’s at stake for you. Connecting together is one of the best parts of being part of the EcoSociety.

We’ve heard that most people think of the Nelson farmers’ markets when they think of the EcoSociety, and that’s great. The markets are our main activity to promote food sustainability. Supporting local farmers, producers and small businesses is a crucial part of local food security.

We hope you’ve also heard about our Renewable Kootenays campaign. We’re building enough people power to support local governments to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2050 across their communities, and so far Slocan, Nelson, Rossland, New Denver and the Regional District of Central Kootenay (with two more about to join, we hope) have said yes. The West Kootenays will soon be the largest geographic area in North America to commit to 100% renewable energy. That’s amazing, and it’s only possible because of our EcoSociety members!

Then there’s our forests. We’ll soon be launching an old growth forests project that will help educate the public about old growth forest ecosystems, logging issues and show the importance of conservation. Old growth forests are one of our best defences against the climate crisis. See how all these things interconnect?

Public meetings like the recent Green New Deal town halls in Rossland and Nelson, the Clean Energy BC conference in Trail, the Save BC Forests Day of Action, and many others are opportunities for you to have your say in these vital discussions about our future.

They’re all interconnected. We’re aiming for everything we do as EcoSociety, powered by contributions from EcoSociety members, to contribute to healthy, safe and sustainable communities. If you’re already a member of EcoSociety, thank you! Can you share this blog with a few friends and encourage them to join or donate today?

If you’re not a member and want to be, please join now. Our work is only possible because of the tremendous support we’ve received over the past 25 years from people like you. Let’s make the next 25 years even more effective.