Living Here is a new online publication that highlights the positive solutions coming out of our rural communities around healthy living, clean energy, land stewardship, and strong rural economies. Living Here is a not-for-profit, non-partisan online magazine with no advertising that captures stories about the people and land that make small towns and rural living such a treasure.

It is our new journalism project to share local stories about people finding solutions that help build healthy, safe, strong communities, and that are inclusive, positive and inspiring.

Living Here features the work of three local writers, Sarah Beauchamp, Anna Lamb-Yorski and Sarah Lord. 

Each reporter has one feature story in the launch of the new magazine. The stories take an in-depth look at people in the Kootenays and surrounding area making changes to their lives that help keep them eating healthy, staying active and connecting to their roots.

These are stories about the people and values that we all care about. Like people around the campfire or a family at a holiday meal, we share stories that let us learn about each other’s lives and help us help each other to enjoy and take care of our home.

They include the story of two people who have had similar experiences finding a new appreciation for their heritage by working the land, a look at the past, present and future of the Rock Creek Fall Fair and its impact on the community, and an insight into the gardening resurgence resulting from the pandemic.

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