by Evan McKenzie

I’ve been a member of the West Kootenay EcoSociety Board of Directors since January 2010, and consider it a privilege to be able to serve the organization as a Board member. I’m a registered professional biologist in B.C. and have worked in the Kootenays in the field of plant ecology for over 25 years. I enjoy working and recreating in the natural landscapes of our region and have a strong desire to see our ecosystems conserved for their intrinsic values as well as for the enjoyment and benefits of our present and future generations.

Last year I served as the Board Chair and I’m currently acting as the chairperson of the organization’s Conservation Committee. I’m keen to develop the Committee’s strategic plan and to participate in upcoming initiatives such as promoting and implementing an over-arching conservation plan for the West Kootenays, investigating forest stewardship practices in the region and campaigning to protect wildlife, critical wildlife habitats and wild spaces throughout the area.

I’ve been thoroughly engaged in the EcoSociety’s strategic planning process since joining the Board. It’s been a challenging and rewarding process to develop a plan that accurately describes our goals, and strategies to meet those goals. I’m excited about implementing the plan and look forward to initiating projects that will increase the resilience of our environment and communities for the future.

I’ve also been involved in raising funds for the organization including participating in a previous major donor campaign and assisting with membership drives and other fundraising events. I’m committed to ensuring that the EcoSociety has the finances to continue on with its important work.

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