Remember when we used to be able to sit close to each other? This photo is of our volunteer Maya, at the 2019 EcoSociety Membership drive. So much has changed this year, and yet we need to work together now more than ever.

Your EcoSociety Membership means more to us than ever before. Thanks to our members like you,  we have been able to adapt our programs so we can continue to build sustainable community and stand up for wild places even in the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic.

Over the past two months, over 1600 people have participated in our webinars led by local experts on a variety of different topics from growing a garden to foraging for mushrooms, herbal medicine, protecting old forests, and transitioning to renewable energy. These have been important to help our community keep learning important skills like growing food in this uncertain time. This is what sustainability looks like!

‘I am in awe of how you have turned crisis into opportunity with these informative webinars. Thank you for coordinating this initiative!’

-Anne Mowat from Glade.

We’ve hosted online spaces for our community to connect in this time of isolation including our Covid 19 community facebook group and nightly community conversations. We also organized with our amazing volunteers delivering care packages to 45 front line community workers.

Your membership allows you to be part of taking on the biggest challenges like standing up against development projects in important wild spaces, big corporation bail outs, building support for a renewable energy future with natural solutions, and making sure people stay healthy and safe.

“I choose to be a monthly donor because first of all, I have the means to do so. It’s important to me that this voice exists within our community, whose pillars align with my personal values. The EcoSociety holds a space for us in which our interests – for a healthy, sustainable, and thriving future- are heard and met. I wanna support that!”

–Danya, (town)

Please become an EcoSociety member today to be part of living better together, right here in your community.


Thanks to the Kootenay Co-op who are collecting donations for the EcoSociety this month at their tills. Buy local and donate local next time you shop at the Co-op.