Staff and volunteers of the EcoSociety are grateful to Rev. Greg Powell of the Castlegar United Church and Rev. Elizabeth Huether of St. David’s Anglican Church in Castlegar for leading us in a guided meditation this morning. Greg, Elizabeth and other Castlegar folks are piloting the Centre for Contemplation & Justice.


They are presently in a pilot phase to determine the need for a centre for contemplative and spiritual practices to help activists become more grounded and wellness providers to get active in social justice issues.


Check out their Facebook page to get involved and learn more.


Greg, who is on the Board of the EcoSociety, offers guided meditations each month as part of the EcoSociety’s commitment to wellness.


Sitting with others in a circle while being guided to let go of our thoughts, commit to our intentions and feel gratitude for each other and what we do nourishes us and deepens our commitment to our goals.


“Getting people who are involved in environmental and justice work to take the time to reflect is important for our long term sustainability” – Montana Burgess


“This experience helped me to discern what is important from what isn’t important” – Rory Gallaugher


“Starting the day with a guided meditation helps me to feel more relaxed, and more focused on what I do.” – Diana van Eyk


Elizabeth let us know about the Blanket Exercise Workshop that helps people understand what First Peoples and settlers went through on an experiential level. She will present this in Nelson on April 1st.

Thanks again to Greg and Elizabeth for sharing this peaceful, healing and purposeful practice.