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Mission Green Buildings is on a mission to help you save energy! Read the Q & A below to find out why Mission Green Buildings has joined over 30 West Kootenay businesses and organizations in supporting the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Q. Why did you sign on to support 100% renewable energy? 
A. A cleaner and greener future is something that benefits everyone, including our planet.
Q. What are you already doing or planning on doing to make your business more energy efficient and/or transition to renewable energy? 
A. Both of our Offices are centrally located to minimize travelling distances between clients and employees. This affords us the opportunity for employees and clients to walk, or bike to the office reducing our carbon footprint. Our company also offers financial reimbursement to employees that utilize green forms of transport.
Q. What kind of personal legacy do you want to leave behind in your community? 
A. A healthier and cleaner environment that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
You can show your support for 100% renewable energy by visiting Mission Green Buildings and by donating to or volunteering for our campaign for 100% renewable energy.