Nelson Interfaith Climate Action Collaborative invites you to the Kootenay Climate Vigils.

On the 22nd of every month, a local faith group will host a climate vigil in the tradition of their spiritual practice. The event could be a prayer vigil, a discussion, a potluck, a combination, or something else completely. The location, time of day and duration will vary each month. All are welcome.

2016 Schedule:

Thursday, September 22 @7pm – Nelson Unitarian Spiritual Centre, Nelson Seniors’ Centre –  7171 Vernon St. Nelson, BC.
The new centre will host a gathering within the interfaith tradition of meditation, contemplation and spiritual responses.

Saturday, October 22 @7:15pm – Yasodhara Ashram, 527 Walker’s Landing Rd., Kootenay Bay, BC
Evening prayer vigil and community tour
Join us for an evening prayer vigil in support of the environment. You are welcome to arrive early for a community tour (starting at 4:30) which will be focused on environmental resilience. Learn about how our community achieved carbon neutrality, our current renewable initiatives and our vision for the future. Call in advance if you would like to join us for dinner(250-227-9224).

Tuesday, November 22 @ 7pm – St. Saviours Pro-Cathedral, 701 Ward St., Nelson, BC
Lowering carbon footprints
How big is your personal carbon footprint? How about the carbon footprint of your faith community? How do our spiritual practices help us to move to lower carbon lifestyles? Information, discussion, prayer and silent contemplation.

Thursday, December 22 – Shambhala Meditation Centre, 812 Stanley St., Nelson, BC 


Past vigils

Wednesday, June 22 @ 7pm – Ascension Lutheran Church, 1805 Silver King Rd., Nelson, BC
Prayer vigil for the health of the planet and all affected by climate change.

Friday, July 22 @7pm – Kootenay Shambhala Meditation Centre, 812 Stanley St., Nelson, BC
Bringing Humanity into Harmony with the Elements: The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging
How can human nature come into harmony with the earth and cosmos? Some traditional Asian cultures have ventured into deep contemplation of this problem. Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, works with the elements earth and space and the expressiveness of human nature. Ikebana is a Zen-related art based on simplicity–less is more–creating arrangements that can be so striking that encountering one can stop one’s busy mind and provoke a spacious, meditative awareness.  From a broader, environmental point of view, with this aesthetic we can work with nature without destroying it.

If you are primarily interested in flower arrangement, we invite you to just come and view the flower arrangements. If you are concerned about caring for the environment, we invite you to a meditative exploration of bringing the elements of earth, space and humanity into harmony and beauty.

Monday, August 22 – Nelson United Church, 602 Silica St. Nelson, BC 
Chants for Climate Justice

In the style of a small French town, Taizé, where an ecumenical monastic community arose in the middle 3rd of the last century, we will light candles, chant sacred songs, observe silence and engage in prayer.  Information about climate justice will also be shared.