Community Educator Toni Applebee is offering a wonderful series of programs at Lakeside Park this summer, focussing on aboriginal crafts and wilderness skills. Sessions are $20 per  class and run from  11am—2pm  Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Anyone is welcome to attend, though people 8 and younger should bring a parent or supervisor. Drop ins are welcome, but registration is preferred.

For more information, please call 250-505-3172

Here is the schedule of classes

Week 1

July 9th- Medicine Wheel

July 11th Pine Needle Basketry

July 13th Flint Knapping

Week 2

July 23rd Cedar Slab Baskets

July 25th Nettle Cordage

July 27th Atal Atal Spear Throwers

Week 3

July 30th Cedar Bark Knife Sheaths

Aug 1st Rawhide Rattle Making

Aug 3rd Dart Making

Week 4

Aug 13th Human Tracking

Aug 15th Animal Tracking

Aug 17th Sign Aging

Week 5

Aug 20th Carnivores/ Herbivores/ Omnivores

Aug 22nd HAWK

Aug 24th OWL

Week 6

Aug 27th Caribou Hair Tufting

Aug 29th Cedar Bark Bracelets