This month is your opportunity to combine two wonderful things – drinking delicious coffee and supporting the EcoSociety! The lovely people at Oso Negro Coffee have made the EcoSociety a specialty blend and will be selling this coffee at their Nelson coffee house AND at The Kootenay Co-op for all of September. Look for this label on Oso Negro coffee bags!

Oso Negro have created this special blend in honour of EcoSociety’s 25th anniversary! We have grown dramatically over the past 25 years and gain the support of more of the community each year. That means we have the ability to make a bigger and bigger difference each year.

This month when you sip your coffee at Oso, have a read of our brochure and consider becoming a monthly member to support us in protecting the beautiful West Kootenays.

Oso Negro has long been a supporter of the EcoSociety, and their coffee shop has provided a welcoming space for us to host tabling events. Every Monday during September, you will find us outside Oso Negro ready to answer your questions, and you can sign up for membership, buy raffle tickets for our e-bike or sign our petitions!

It is empowering to work together in partnership with local businesses such as Oso Negro to support each other. When we work together we can make a greater difference in the world. We offer you all the opportunity to join with us, by becoming members, to protect our region and continue to build sustainable communities in the West Kootenays.

Go buy coffee!