A huge power corporation, TransAlta, has applied to begin studies that would allow a power plant in the Incomappleux river valley.


Valhalla Wilderness Society has noted that a huge power corporation, TransAlta, has applied for a permit to do feasibility studies in order to install a power plant in the Incomappleux river valley.

The TransAlta proposal claims a capacity to generate 45 megawatts of power. Any project under 50 MW will receive no formal Environmental Assessment, yet the power production can be increased in the future.

What’s at Stake

The Incomappleux valley has been severely logged for a major part of its length. But the logging stopped before the end of the forest, leaving behind a five-kilometre stretch of river with very rare valley-bottom Inland Temperate Rainforest, with trees up to four metres in diameter and 1,800 years old. Scientists say this forest could have been growing undisturbed since the last ice age. It is part of a 17-kilometre stretch of wild river running through intact wilderness adjacent to Glacier National Park.

This now famous valley has drawn scientists from five countries to study the biodiversity of its ancient rainforest and its extensive wetland and have found numerous rare species.

What you can do

Dozens of people sent in letters and emails regarding this terrible proposal to impact a globally significant ecosystem. Please keep the pressure up. Although the comment period closed on Oct 15, you can always reaffirm your support for keeping the Incomappleux wild by writing to your elected representatives:


  • Premier Christy Clark, Fax No: (250) 387-1715, email: premier@gov.bc.ca
  • Hon. Steve Thomson, Min. of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, Fax: (250)387-6249, FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca
  • Hon. Terry Lake, Min. of Environment, Fax: (250)387-1187, terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca
  • Norm MacDonald, MLA for Columbia River-Revelstoke, Fax: (250)344-4815, Norm.Macdonald.MLA@leg.bc.ca
  • Michelle Mungall, MLA for Nelson-Creston, Fax: (250)356-5937, michelle.mungall.mla@leg.bc.ca
  • Katrine Conroy, MLA for Kootenay-West, Fax: (250)304-2655, Katrine.Conroy.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Or click here to send an email to all these officials!

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