Did you know that your Rossland City Council is considering approving development applications that will harm your vision for healthy and safe communities in your backyard?

There are 4 lot development applications:

  • South side of Granite mountain
  • Along the narrow forested strip of land south of the Rock Cut Pub’s lower parking lot
  • A large lot immediately north of and adjacent to the Rock Cut Pub lot
  • At 125 Granite Road, by Ritchie Road

On August 9th, your council will be voting on whether they should approve these applications. All of these development applications are seemingly to log the trees solely for profit with no plan to develop. With wildfires destroying thousands of hectares of land in BC, removing people from their homes, and releasing carbon in the air that is bad for our lungs to breathe, we need healthy forests that will keep our communities safe.

These developments are not in line with:

  • Rossland’s adoption of the West Kootenay 100% Renewable Energy Plan in January 2021
  • Rossland Council unanimously voting on July 12 to approve a motion to call on the BC government to immediately defer logging in all at-risk old growth forests located in BC, including in the Interior Temperate Rainforest

Approving these developments would not only threaten the health of your community’s unique Interior Rainforest, but it also contradicts Rossland’s current leadership in sustainability and a transition to a healthier, safer and cleaner community.

Source: https://rosslandtelegraph.com/news/council-matters-rossland-city-council-meetings-july-12-2021?qt-qt_telegraph_regional_international=1#.YQrBX9NKg-R

Fill out the form below and write a letter to your council before August 9th, telling them that you reject these applications because they need to prioritize their commitment to renewable energy and old-growth forests.