Hurricane Sandy the latest example of an extreme weather event
Climate scientists have long been predicting an increase in extreme weather events linked to human-caused climate change.  The devastation of Hurricane Sandy is just the latest example of extreme weather, and while scientists are reluctant to link any single event to changes in climate they have been tracking these events as climate change indicators.

The Toronto Star ran a story quoting climate scientist Kerry Emanuel of MIT as saying outsized storms like Sandy will be more frequent because of climate change.

National Public Radio has a detailed online story Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? “One thing that does seem clear is that warmer oceans (a la global warming) mean more evaporation, and that likely leads to storms with more and more dangerous rainfall of the kind we saw with Hurricane Irene last year…if you warm the planet, you can expect more dangerous storms.”

Sandy is the worst hurricane in New York’s history. The storm surge from the ocean, at high tide, innundated much of Manhattan and  the New Jersey shore, with water 9 feet deep in places.  Heavy rainfall is pushing rivers over banks in Ohio and other states. The hurricane is being called a super storm because it has impacted a large part of the eastern United States.

Over the past two years, you need to say “what’s going on?” Weather Underground meteorologist Geoff Masters told Amy Goodman on the Democracy Now radio show. Masters says the large number of unprecedented weather events “have to be caused by climate change, there’s no way around it.”  .