The Sinixt Nation is opposed to the proposed Master Development Plan for
Jumbo Glacier Resort and all and any future developments on our sacred
mountain. We wish to express our sincere support to groups and individuals
who are actively working to protect the area known as Jumbo Mountain
against all developments in this sensitive part of our territory.

To Sinixt people, Jumbo Mountain and all surrounding area is known as “piq
ah ki lawna ” (pick-ah-key-lawna) meaning place of the “White Grizzly
Bear”. Many Sinixt ilmix’m (chiefs) also carried this name such as the
infamous Alex Christian of Brilliant BC. piq ah ki lawna  is of great
cultural and spiritual significance to Sinixt peoples as this is one of
the strongest spirits on the land.

Today more than ever before Grizzly Bear habitat is dwindling at a rapid
pace from development and human encroachment in key areas essential to
their survival in our territory. We hereby ask that all corporations,
governments, and investors, immediately stop all developments, plans, and
exploration in the areas referred to as Jumbo Mountain and the Toby Creek

We realize there is confusion amongst individuals in regards to the
multiple land claims in the area by ourselves and other indigenous groups.
The Sinixt Nation does not wish to create any division within the
oppostion movement but rather we wish to strengthen our grassroots
community opposition to this detrimental project. We encourage you to
contact us with any questions you may have.

The Sinixt Nation is not a political organization but rather a traditional
governance system held by Sinixt peoples since time immemorial. We
encourage all those working to protect Jumbo to further educate themselves
and inform others of the history of the Sinixt/Arrow Lakes Indians in the
Columbia Basin and the government of Canada’s forced removal and
extinction status of our people.

For 20 years Sinixt Nation members have stood for the interests of the
future seven generations and fought to protect our four sacred elements of
water, air, earth, and fire in the Kootenay Region. If you believe that
all life as we know it cannot live without water, earth, air, and fire
(think Sun) then you share our beliefs and we hope to strengthen those
beliefs with our broader community to create a better world for all
generations to come.

(Thank You)