Let’s take this moment to celebrate: Kaslo village council just voted to pass your 100% Renewable Energy Plan! Kaslo is the first community in the West Kootenays to officially adopt the plan. Following up on the Village of Kaslo’s 2019 commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 and to collaborate with other local governments, community stakeholders, and experts in the region to develop a plan, Kaslo village council voted unanimously Tuesday night to adopt the West Kootenay 100% Renewable Energy Plan. How are you celebrating this huge moment? I dusted off my favorite wig and danced around my living room to Whitney Houston, and it felt great! 

“It is really nice to be a part of and included in the planning of this renewable energy vision and structure. This positions Kaslo to be more prepared for the coming infrastructure changes. Being included in the plan development and being a part of so much collaboration in the region was a big deal. We are planting a seed for our future,” says Kellie Knoll, Kaslo village councilor.

“I am relieved that the Village of Kaslo has made an official commitment to work towards 100% renewable. 2050 seems a long-range goal and we must take considerable action to manage to cushion climate change now. This historic plan helps us to start the process as a community and as a region. The acceptance of the plan by the Village of Kaslo gives me hope that we will succeed in our endeavors working together.”  Anne, Kaslo Climate Action Team

Kaslo is one of nine local governments that has been working with West Kootenay EcoSociety for the past year to develop the 100% renewable energy plan. Along with regional strategies, each local government has prioritized the actions it can take that are most relevant to their community. For instance, most of Kaslo’s non-renewable energy use comes from passenger and commercial vehicles. Although buildings use a lot of energy, most of it already comes from renewable electricity sources. 

The village is embarking on a review of its Official Community Plan in 2021 and hopes to incorporate some of the 100% renewable energy plan’s recommendations into this guiding document.

It has been a hard week with lockdown restrictions extended into the new year. It can be hard to feel hopeful. However, seeing the council meeting last night and seeing the support for a renewable energy future, we should all feel a sense of optimism that is so important during this time. Thank you, Kaslo and the Kaslo Climate Action Team for making this happen, and for leading the way for other rural small town communities!