Our deep engagement canvassing program is wrapping up its third year and we owe that all to you. We started deep canvassing to talk with people who have polarized views on climate change to find common ground. This year, our team of staff and volunteers had meaningful conversations with over 500 people in Cranbrook, and hundreds in Trail. By having these deep listening conversations 1 in 3 people became more in favour of climate action and clean energy policies. 

Here’s the impact we made together:

  • Trained 58 volunteers
  • Had 745 deep canvassing conversations
  • Completed the first deep engagement canvassing campaign on climate and energy anywhere in the world in March 
  • AND 40% of residents in Trail, BC shifted so that Trail City Council said yes to the 100% renewable energy transition!
  • Developed a  deep engagement canvass to end taxpayer subsidies to oil & gas companies and their wealthy CEOs in Cranbrook
  • AND 37% of residents shifted their beliefs! 
  • Kicked off a deep canvassing program in the suburbs of Calgary with our friends at Alberta Environmental Network
  • Released the Deep Canvassing for Climate Solutions Playbook and Toolkit to teach other groups how to deep canvass 

Click here for a video recap of our time canvassing

Not just talk, we’ve had success too

Deep engagement canvassing supported over 1000 people to take local action in Trail, B.C. Earlier this year, Trail City Council voted unanimously to transition to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050. We want to continue to help communities transition to renewable energy and divest from fossil fuels, but we need your help. Please make a donation today to make sure together we can reach even more conflicted residents across BC, Alberta and Canada and help them support more collective climate action. 

A word from our Organizing Director, Natasha Edmunds

When I started knocking on the doors of my neighbours in 2020, I could never have imagined how the depth of conversations would grow to where they are today. This summer, I knocked on Lisa’s door and we talked about what a clean energy transition could mean in Cranbrook while she held her 3-month-old baby in her arms. Lisa grew up in Cranbrook and was unsure what a transition from fossil fuels could mean for her community. I was certain Lisa would have to leave the conversation to take care of her child, but she continued to stand with me at the door for a full 20 minutes. When I shared about how the wildfire smoke impacted my life last summer, I saw something transform in Lisa. She looked at her newborn and then turned to me and said, “I want a life for them without wildfires too.” 

Deep canvassing is transforming the hearts and minds of folks like Lisa in rural, small, and industrial towns and suburbs, and beyond the Kootenay region too. Grant in Trail, Riya in Illinois, Nora in Montreal, and many other incredible volunteers across the continent continue to show up time and time again with vulnerability to bring more people into our common struggle.   And I want to say thank you to everyone this year for the support. Because of your passion, I can keep having these challenging deep conversations. 

Deep engagement is how we build a populist climate movement. Populism does not have to be a dirty word. Imagine a world where every political party had good climate and biodiversity policies on their platforms. We are the first group anywhere to run a complete volunteer-based deep canvass project on climate and energy, and the first group in Canada to use deep engagement canvassing. We’ve had requests from groups across the country and the continent to share our learnings with other groups who want to take on depolarizing climate and clean energy in their communities. Can you keep the momentum going by making a donation today?