On October 15th British Columbians will head to the polls in this month’s 2022 General Local Elections.

Local governments have a big responsibility. From defending local drinking water from development, supporting the development of local food security strategies, and transitioning to renewable energy sources to name a few. 

We know these issues matter to you which is why we sent questions to candidates running in 19 Kootenay communities throughout the RDCK, RDKB, and RKEK and those seeking office for the Board of Directors for the RDCK and RDKB. 

We sent the survey to candidates with emails listed on localelections.ca. We made efforts to get alternate email addresses if we got bounce-back messages from the addresses listed and called candidates to get valid emails if they were missing. Neighbours United attempted to reach candidates that did not have a listed phone number or email through social media pages and websites. Neighbours United sent a reminder to all candidates to encourage them to complete the survey before the results were published if they had not responded. Candidates who did not complete the survey have no responses recorded in the results. Neighbours United did not send acclaimed candidates the survey. 

We hope the surveys help you make an informed decision on election day!