It’s official, together we are Neighbours United

After getting hundreds of votes for a new logo, 68% of our members and supporters have chosen a logo to go with our updated name, Neighbours United.

After consultation with our members, our team believes the updated name Neighbours United allows us to better engage with community members and extend our reach to work with organizations in different regions to activate community through education and leadership. 

We will continue to:

  • provide families in need with fresh local produce;
  • engage communities for a fair transition to 100% renewable energy;
  • defend old growth forests and clean drinking water;
  • bring people together for guaranteed livable incomes for all; and
  • stand up for your hard-earned tax dollars not going to funding more fossil fuel development.

Our foundation is staying true to our legacy, even with an updated name. Together we will continue to bring local people together to protect the natural environment while building just, equitable, healthy, and livable communities.