Last Wednesday, I was having one of those days….I was feeling low, lacking motivation, and spent most of the work day lying in a puddle on my couch trying to prepare for a volunteer training I was leading that evening 🫠. When the time came, I was not feeling it. 

As soon as I showed up to the training, I felt a shift of energy. I was greeted by four wonderful volunteers who have been deep canvassing on our Defend Our Home campaign for months. We started with a check-in, and because the training space was safe and supportive, I was honest about having a bad day. 

This is why I love this work.

Deep canvassing can feel scary sometimes, and if you’re someone who’s been wanting to show up but has held back because you feel nervous, scared, or unsure, I feel you and I’ve been there. That’s why we’re here for you. Through our safe, fun, and supportive training space, we make sure you can show up to support healthy forests and good jobs as your real authentic self. Over 35 volunteers have shown up to this work in Castlegar and Vernon, and there’s a reason why 50% of them return. 

What started out as a rough day for me, ended in eating pizza, drinking beers, laughing, and calling other volunteers who have raised their hand to help have deep canvassing conservations on the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Law.   

Our local forests can’t wait for a law. We need to show up for them each week to ensure the provincial government prioritizes biodiversity and ecosystem health NOW. 

I am asking you to show up, in whatever way you can, to defend your home. Join me and these amazing volunteers below on April 6th from 10am-4pm in Castlegar or Vernon to gain support for a law that will be the change we need for forests in B.C.