Okay, we didn’t see that coming! We blogged about being honoured to be nominated for Business of the Year at the Trail Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. We honestly didn’t expect to win, so we were excited, grateful and a bit shocked when we found out we did.

Setting up an office for an environmental organization in a new town could have been daunting. Some people were very open with their skepticism. We proved them wrong. The reception we received from the public, volunteers and business owners included many messages of it’s about time and we’re so happy you’re here. The first two business owners I talked to, explaining what we do, were very welcoming, supportive, and basically asked, what can we do to help you get set up? 

At one downtown Trail business, the owner and a staff member both said, hey, we have kids, we want a safe and clean world for them to grow up in. Another told me of her advice to her son when he was choosing his courses at college to look at the future of clean energy and the skills that will be in demand. That’s forward thinking.

Then there are our volunteers. So much of our work is possible because of our amazing volunteers. We had volunteers in Trail, Warfield and Rossland before we opened the office. Now we have more, and we have a local place for them to meet, help and be part of our EcoSociety community. They’ve also made us part of their community, and that’s the real reason we’re here.

On the July day when we were putting up our sign on the outside of the building, someone stopped to ask who we are and what we do. She stepped into our new office, signed our petition supporting the transition to 100% renewable energy and our petition to protect old growth forests and immediately said she wanted to volunteer.

One day a couple of months later when she came to our office to do some volunteer work, she said how happy she was to have a place in Trail to come and hang out with people, be part of a community and do something that makes a difference. 

Our volunteers are the people who are making a difference in our communities. People thank us for the work we do. We thank our volunteers for what they do. It’s because of them that we have a presence in Trail and the Lower Columbia. It’s because of them that we could even be considered for recognition.

EcoSociety is not just an environmental organization, we’re a place for people who care about other people to come together and build community. We’ve had other community groups use our office space for meetings and events, we have an art display on the walls, and we pride ourselves on building healthy and strong community and treating people well.

Please stop by some day, chat with us about our work, maybe offer to volunteer. We’ll be happy to have you join our community.


–Dan Wall is EcoSociety’s Communications Coordinator based out of the Trail office