The results of Canada’s first climate election are in, and now the real work begins. Canadians made the climate crisis a top issue, and voters are demanding more climate action.

No party had a perfect climate action plan. This election showed the diversity in the parties’ climate change ideas. Now the minority Liberal government must work with the Bloc Quebecois, the NDP, and the Greens to get to work for cleaner energy, a stronger economy, and healthier and safer communities across the country.

Here in the West Kootenays it was a tight race. In Kootenay-Columbia, home to towns like Nelson and Kaslo, and communities of the East Kootenays, Rob Morrison of the Conservative Party won by 7,186 votes. In South Okanagan West Kootenay, that includes Penticton over to Trail, Rossland, Castlegar and the Slocan Valley, the NDP’s Dick Cannings was elected by 800 votes. Every vote counted in this election.

Making the transition to 100% renewable energy will be easier if we have MPs who will stand up for the transition in Ottawa. This election we’ve seen widespread public support for cooperation on climate action, like never before. We will hold our new government accountable.

We know that real climate leadership comes from the grassroots. Just look to our youth leaders striking for climate, many of them too young to vote yet concerned enough to take to the streets. Most of them will be voting age in four years, so I challenge our new MPs to keep that in mind.

We are so grateful for our 24 volunteers who made almost 4,000 phone calls to help people figure out how, when and where to vote. And we are grateful for all the hundreds of thousands of people who have kept climate action, healthy and safe communities, and the clean energy transition at the forefront of this election.

We encourage people to call on their newly elected Members of Parliament to collaborate across party lines to ramp up their actions to tackle Canada’s carbon pollution and meet its targets.

It’s not our message alone. Our supporters and volunteers are fully behind the need for government to increase its climate action. It’s a message they’ll be sharing a lot in the coming weeks and months.