Health and safety come first.

We’re sorry to have to leave, but due to COVID-19, we can’t bring people together to collaborate and accomplish amazing things in person, so we’re closing our Nelson and Trail offices for now.

To be clear, we’re still working remotely, we’re just closing our physical office spaces because we can’t use them for the foreseeable future. 

We’re closing our offices and working from home, to borrow a phrase, for now, not forever. We’ll return to office space when it is safe to bring people together again. Your health and ours is what’s most important.

We’re still doing the good work digitally and by phone.

We’re looking forward to the day when we can reopen in a bright new office space and bring people together again in person. Thank you for staying engaged with us and doing the good work digitally and over the phone.

We’re as busy as ever, possibly busier than ever:

  • launching a new food security initiative, Farms to Friends
  • putting the finishing touches on the 100% renewable energy plan with the nine local governments that have made the ambitious commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2050 across community energy use
  • expanding our old growth forests educational campaign and increasing the pressure on the BC government to stop logging old growth forests 
  • hosting educational webinars so you can learn about growing food and staying connected
  • Connecting with people who we don’t normally talk to because they have a different point of view to find common ground on the biggest environmental and social issues of our time 

With so much upheaval this year, we believe we can live better together as we recover and rebuild from the pandemic. Have you checked out our statement on making sure everyone is safe, fed, and healthy while we are building strong communities that can bounce back in the face of crisis? Please share with your friends, especially those outside your “eco” bubble.

Thank you for your petition signatures, your volunteer time, your donations and your ongoing support.

Stay connected with us by phone at 250-921-5497, here at, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and know that we’ll be back to work with you in person in an office space when it is safe to do so.