The theme for World Water Day  on March 22, 2012 is food security. The connection between water security and food security may be easy to overlook in our region of plentiful freshwater, but droughts in the prairies and grain belts around the world have already triggered food shortages and price spikes.

To help understand the crisis, here is a list of 5 films, some of which are available on the EcoSociety Recommends shelf at Reo’s video. Two other films I’d recommend are White Water Black Gold by Nelson resident David Lavallee and Water on the Table.I also suggest you come to the World Water Day event sponsored by EcoSociety and the Nelson Chapter of the Council of Canadians on March 22!

White Water Black Gold looks at the water quality impacts of the Alberta Tar Sands operation by following the Athabasca River from its source high in the Canadian Rockies, through the Tar Sands, and out into the sea. It is an inspiring and informative journey that should inform our ongoing national conversation about the role of the Tar Sands in Canada’s future. With two controversial pipelines (Enbridge Northern Gateway and the Keystone XL) proposed to take diluted bitumen across hundreds of streams to international markets, its important to understand how the industry has already poisoned the waters of Alberta.

Water on the Table addresses the terrifying prospect of the commodification of water and features Maude Barlow. The very idea of owning water should send shivers up the spine of anyone who wants to drink water or eat food. With the Province of British Columbia still working on its Water Act Modernization program, some critics such as EcoJustice and the Vancouver Council of Canadians have questioned whether the province’s proposed Water Market is laying the groundwork to privatize BC’s water bodies. West Coast Environmental Law has a useful backgrounder. EcoSociety will join the Council of Canadians in celebrating World Water Day with an informative and provocative presentation by Dan Woynillowicz of the Pembina Institute. Dan will explore the climate change and water impacts of shale gas development in BC at the Seniors Branch 51 at 7pm on March 22. Click here for more info.