It’s finally summer and the heat is here! When I looked at the weather app on my phone, a special advisory said that the snow up high in the mountains will melt quickly with this heat. This means it could flood and it’s a reminder for me to be extra careful and keep an eye on the creek right near my home. 

Neighbours United is dedicated to defending nature and building sustainable communities. This is more important than ever and we need you!

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You help define Neighbours United. We are our members, volunteers, and supporters. Together, you, your neighbours, and our staff and board are Neighbours United. That is why we are proud of our updated name because together, we can do great things. 

This year we’re asking you to consider becoming a monthly donor. This helps us plan our work more effectively by having reliable revenue each month. Leave your mark on your community and sign-up today as a Neighbours United member.

To change the world, let’s start right here in our backyards and do the good work with our friends, family, and neighbours

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Sarashmi Sarker, for Neighbours United