Tell the federal government to hold the line: ‘No big oil bailouts’

They must continue to focus on people and communities and a healthier, safer future.

Tell our Prime Minister to stay the course, to put people and communities’ needs first. So far, the federal government has announced money to clean up orphan oil wells. This is good news since it creates jobs and cleans up the environment. Yet there’s still pressure to hand billions of dollars to big oil companies as a bailout. We can’t get out of this crisis by making another one worse. Handing over billions of dollars to Big Oil will do just that.

Our federal government has a choice to make: return to business-as-usual and bail out polluters or build a stronger and fairer society. This is a chance to build an economy that puts people first and creates safer and healthier communities.

Instead of providing a bailout to oil and gas companies, the federal government must continue to shape an economic stimulus package that includes:

    • access for all workers from all sectors to income support to preserve personal and public health
    • opportunities for training, education and employment in existing and emerging low-carbon sectors such as energy efficiency, technology, healthcare and renewable energy
    • assurance that the money for orphan well clean up is tied to regulatory change to ensure in the future there is a polluter-pays system so that the public is not left with these liabilities

We were one of many organizations that signed a letter arguing this point to the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Read the full letter here.

We need steady and balanced change that builds momentum and accelerates the shift toward clean energy. Addressing climate change means protecting the things we love. This is a chance to build a sustainable economy. The coronavirus is a reminder of the devastating impact a global crisis can have on our economy, our livelihoods and our very lives.

Do not give billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry. Invest it in workers, hospitals, schools and a renewable energy future.

You can also send a clear message to the federal government with a letter. 

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