If Premier John Horgan and his BC government build the Site C Dam it will flood the valley that supplies a lot of the good food you eat, flood the historic burial grounds of your Indigenous neighbours, and make your electricity bills more expensive.

As provinces across the country deal with rising COVID cases, the time is now to put workers and families before corporations and mega-dam projects like Site C. Recovering from COVID-19 means that all governments need to invest in living better together and living up to their promises to build back better.

Living better together means not silencing the voices of Indigenous communities, it means fixing how our electrical utilities work in BC to make them more affordable and accessible to everyone, and it means creating opportunities for local power while providing good paying and safe local jobs for your neighbours.

Will you let Premier Horgan, Minister Ralston of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, Minister Rankin of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Minister Popham of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and Minister Heyman of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, know that they need to invest in local clean power solutions for your community and across BC instead of the proposed expensive and dangerous Site C mega-dam project?

Site C is a problem, not a solution for stronger and healthier communities. Investing in community owned and operated, local power projects that keep your home warm in the winter, keep the power on for hospitals, schools and grocery stores are what will make us self-reliant and strong.

Premier Horgan and his cabinet members are about to make the final decision on whether or not this mega-dam gets built. Right now, they are waiting on reports from geotechnical experts reviewing the project to make the final decision. The time is now to let the Premier and his trusted elected cabinet members know that Site C is not the solution to help BC build back better.

Join your neighbours across the province in standing up for better power solutions in BC.

Stop Site C letter writing tool

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