A CleanBC Means Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

Premier Horgan announced the new B.C. climate plan, the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030. Although the language has been updated to include buzz words like ‘crisis’ and ‘emergency’ this plan has left many gaps and unanswered questions, has few details on how we reach its goals, and is still handing out your tax dollars to industrial polluters. Last year alone the BC government handed out over $1.3 billion…

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Keep the pressure on: support workers not big oil executives

Is this the sunset of the oil and gas industry? Photo by Delfino Barboza on Unsplash Let’s keep the pressure on from the comfort of your home/home office.  In the past two weeks, 400 EcoSociety supporters like you sent emails to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance urging them to provide financial support to workers and people not to bail out big oil corporations. Tens of thousands of…

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Text: A better future is possible - give the gift of hope. Image: Wind turbines, solar panels & sun, giving hand with bright heart

Giving Tuesday – Giving Hope

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times, yet world leaders aren't taking action fast enough. Cities and regions are leading the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. And we're right there with them, building a model to advance climate action at the community level. Through grassroots organizing, we're bringing people from all walks of life together to use our collective power…

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EcoSociety brings ALL IN to Rossland & Nelson

As we wake up to frosty mornings and catch a glimpse of the first skiffs of snow, it's a clear sign that winter is coming. And what better way to celebrate than with a ski movie!? We are very excited to announce that EcoSociety will be hosting two screenings of Matchstick Production’s latest ski movie, ALL IN. Featuring an equal cast of women and men, this movie casually breaks gender stereotypes…

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West Kootenay Community Energy & Infrastructure Report

The West Kootenay Community Energy and Infrastructure Report outlines local communities’ residential carbon pollution, and what each community is doing to transition off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.  We know that our communities want to move towards renewable energy. This report will be a tool for communities to look at where they are at with energy efficiency and renewable energy…

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Renewable Energy in Canada

How is Canada Ranking in Clean Energy? A report released by Clean Energy Canada in February 2016 shows Canada as currently being in eighth place globally for green energy. Investment in green energy dropped 46% in 2015: US$4.0 Billion from 2014’s US$7.4 Billion. Renewable energy currently provides about 18.9% of Canada’s energy supply. Energy sources, from largest to smallest, are…

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