Incomappleux river

Incomappleux Heli-Ski Proposal

The Incomappleux Valley is home to some of our region's most pristine old-growth forest and borders protected habitat for endangered mountain caribou. If a Calgary based ski-tour company gets its way, it could also be home to a new heli-ski operation and lodge. Wolverines, mountain goats, caribou, and grizzlies use the Incomappleaux wilderness area, due to its proximity to Goat Range Provincial…

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Incomappleux IPP update

Thanks to the many people who have submitted comments on the unthinkable IPP on the Incomappleux River, the deadline has been extended to Oct 15. Click the link above for the background on the proposal. In talking to a reporter for the Invermere newspaper, they have been flooded with public notices on the many proposed IPPs in that area. Further investigation reveals that many of the approvals…

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