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The time is now

Jayme Jones is a such an inspiring woman. As a mother of two, and a very dear member of our community, she walks the talk by taking action in her own life and being a leader in her community. This is why Jayme is involved with the EcoSociety:   "With two small children, a healthy environment has never been more important to me. I want my children to be able to enjoy clean air, water,…

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A love of all things living

Not many people realise that the EcoSociety is responsible for running the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre out in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. But those who do have had the great pleasure of meeting our lead Educator, Joanne, and hopefully gone on a nature walk with her too!    "Why do I care about the EcoSociety? I care because they care about and promote outdoor and nature…

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It was destiny

Isn't it amazing when things fall perfectly into place? This is Jocelyn's story about how she got engaged in the EcoSociety:   "When planning to live in Nelson I had some locals fill me in on the organizations worth getting involved in. I started my volunteer efforts at the Women’s Centre where I met two lovely EcoSociety volunteers (also volunteering at the Women’s Center) inviting me…

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Let Earth Day inspire you at the EcoSociety

Earth Day

Earth Day! What a day to kick-off this year's membership drive! This month we're putting on a series where we'll be featuring members, volunteers, staff, market vendors, and more who will be sharing their story about why the EcoSociety matters so much to them.   To start us off, it is my pleasure to feature the lovely Diana van Eyk. Diana is truly an invaluable part of the EcoSociety…

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Arianna’s summer at Kokanee Nature Centre

By Arianna Murphy Steed Arianna is starting her first year of university at UBC in Vancouver this week. There is a lot to like about the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre. There is a beaver lodge and a dipper nest, the bear-scratch tree and the willows where the cedar waxwings play. There are the trail cams that capture animals at play. There are the interesting people exploring the forests from…

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