Clean up effort on the Kalamazoo spill

New hearings show Enbridge spill plans still leaky

BC Environment Minister Terry Lake is reported by the Vancouver Sun as saying Enbridge is making lots of promises on dealing with leaks and environmental risks, but isn’t providing much solid evidence or details. In a news release, Lake said Enbridge hasn’t determined how it can access parts of the pipeline in case of a spill and will not have a plan until within six months of operations. …

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World Water Day

The theme for World Water Day  on March 22, 2012 is food security. The connection between water security and food security may be easy to overlook in our region of plentiful freshwater, but droughts in the prairies and grain belts around the world have already triggered food shortages and price spikes. To help understand the crisis, here is a list of 5 films, some of which are…

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Kootenays for a Pipeline Free BC

The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline to carry tar sands crude from Alberta across BC to the port city of Kitimat has generated a groundswell of opposition in BC. Several people from the Kootenays will join more than 4,000 other "intervenors" in giving testimony to a review panel convened by the National Energy Board. The proposed pipeline could have terrible consequences for BC's fish and…

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