Text: A better future is possible - give the gift of hope. Image: Wind turbines, solar panels & sun, giving hand with bright heart

Giving Tuesday – Giving Hope

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times, yet world leaders aren't taking action fast enough. Cities and regions are leading the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. And we're right there with them, building a model to advance climate action at the community level. Through grassroots organizing, we're bringing people from all walks of life together to use our collective power…

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Workshop – Getting Outside Our Bubbles: Understanding Differences of Perspective

How do we talk with people who think so differently? Understanding how people arrive at different beliefs is becoming an essential skill in navigating our personal and organizational work in the world whether in climate advocacy or social justice work. In the face of growing social, ecological, and political challenges there is an urgency to work together to create solutions. However, at the same…

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US Election Lessons

100% Renewable Kootenays volunteers have conversations with residents on clean energy community solutions By Montana Burgess I thought Donald Trump would be president. I knew it was logical for so many reasons, but I still didn’t emotionally prepare for the reality. Yesterday, I stayed in my sweatpants and spent most of the day reflecting on how this happened. I had a hard time doing much else. I…

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People of the West Kootenays are showing up big time

By Montana Burgess “What is the West Kootenays? Where is it? How many people live there? Why do you live in such a rural place?” I hear these questions a lot from international colleagues and friends from across Canada. The West Kootenays doesn’t have official boundaries from what I can tell, but it’s made up of areas West of Kootenay Lake, including Kaslo, up through the Arrow Lakes, including…

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West Kootenay residents will be speaking up at national climate consultations

Today is Earth Day and while the Prime Minister is in New York signing the Paris climate agreement and talking about shifting to renewable energy, Canada released a process for consultations into the federal climate plan due out this October. Groups across the country have launched the Peoples Climate Plan to prepare communities to input into these consultations. This national consultation…

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