Paris climate agreement is the beginning to our 100% renewable energy future

[PARIS, FRANCE – December 12, 2015] – Today 196 countries have agreed to a global climate deal in Paris at the UN climate summit. Governments have signaled that they are seeing the writing on the wall and beginning to catch up with the reality that the fossil fuel era is coming to an end. Business as usual is over for Big Oil, and the global transition to clean jobs and 100% renewable energy is…

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Paris climate summit blog

Follow our Community Organizer, Montana Burgess, as she attends the Paris climate summit. She'll share her perspectives on the conference and what the outcomes could mean for the West Kootenays. Read the blog

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Faith in the Paris climate summit

We’re heading into the final days of the Paris UN climate summit. The final days will be long for everyone. Remember those grueling days during exam week in college where you crammed, drank too much coffee, ate cafeteria food, and hardly slept? It’s like that but you do it in a suit. The big Canadian news is that Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna, made a reference on…

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Sunny ways: from Paris to the Kootenays

It’s a sunny day here in Paris as the first week of the UN climate summit comes to a close. Yesterday, in Ottawa, Parliament officially kicked-off with the Speech from the Throne. Every time it’s sunny outside and I’m thinking about the Liberals, I’m reminded of Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” victory speech on election night, and I chuckle, even here in Paris. If you felt election night was like the…

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Nelson Faith Groups Invite Community to Daily Climate Vigils

The West Kootenay EcoSociety and Nelson faith community are organizing daily climate interfaith vigils during the Paris climate summit from November 30 to Dec 12. The daily vigils will convene spaces for people of all faiths to come together to send prayers and intentions for a successful global agreement to tackle the climate crisis. The vigils will be hosted by different faith groups and led in…

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Nelson Interfaith Climate Discussions Wrap-Up & Look to Paris Summit for Action

Last night the Nelson interfaith climate discussion groups wrapped-up with a celebration potluck and conversations around what's next. The evening featured information about City of Nelson projects including the solar garden and toilet water savers, as well as music from local musicians from various faiths. The group now turns its attention to organizing daily interfaith climate vigils during the…

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