Changing Kootenay Lake water levels to help the survival of Kokanee Salmon

The scarlet red of the spawning Kokanee Salmon as they come home to spawn is an amazing sight. These land-locked Sockeye Salmon are not only an iconic species in the Kootenays, they are also a keystone species in their home ecosystems; other species in that ecosystem rely on a keystone species. But we have lost some stocks of these beautiful fish in Kootenay Lake in recent years. Kokanee Salmon…

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Red Fish Fest Poster.jpg

Redfish Festival 2017

On August 27th, come down to the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre to celebrate the return of the Kokanee salmon! Here, at the Nature Centre, we’ve been eagerly waiting all summer for the salmon to arrive, and they’re finally here! Our goal is to excite every guest that comes through our doors about nature and the value of protecting the environment; this job is never easier than when there are…

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Happy Bears at Kokanee Creek Park

  They made it! A black bear sow and her cub spent last fall eating Kokanee at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. Often bears feeding this close to people learn to eat garbage or visitor food if it is available and end up being destroyed as safety risks. But these bears fed on salmon in front of park visitors without approaching visitors, eating campground food or park garbage. Staff of B.C.…

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Save the Salmon Petition

Fight to save wild salmon heats up Sign the petition to protect wild salmon. The report of the Cohen Commission highlights the danger penned salmon farming poses to wild fish. There is growing evidence of exotic viruses spilling out of salmon feedlots, infecting passing wild salmon. Justice Bruce Cohen recently released recommendations of his…

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