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Let There Be Light – film screening

EcoSociety is bringing this amazing film about fusion energy to the The Civic Theatre in Nelson on Monday Oct. 16 at 7:00 pm. This is a fundraiser for EcoSociety so bring all your friends and family. Tickets will be $12 at the door or online at the Civic Theatre website. See you there!   Clean, safe and unlimited power has been an obsession for scientists and inventors for centuries,…

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KONELINE: our land beautiful film screening

Using art to seek beauty and complexity where you least expect to find them, KONELĪNE (pronounced Ko-na- lee´-na) is garnering rave reviews for its fair-minded and cinematically stunning exploration of northwest British Columbia and the extraordinary people who move across that land. Set deep in the mountains and traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation, KONELĪNE captures an epic canvas…

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To The Ends Of The Earth film screening

The rise of extreme energy, the end of economic growth, the people caught in the middle.“To the Ends of the Earth” is a feature documentary about the state of our energy system today, and the people we meet are uniquely positioned to watch this global crossroads unfold. For example, the mayor of an Inuit village in Canada’s high Arctic who is concerned that seismic testing for oil in the ocean is…

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What’s on your plate? Filmmaker and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how they affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice. His journey takes him to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and even the front door of agri-giant Monsanto, the largest provider of GMOs in the United States, as he poses perhaps the…

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